Natural Lands

A wooden sign with the word trail in the middle of a green forest.

Meng Preserve

A drone photo of a natural autumn landscape of farm feilds and trees under a blue sky with whispy white clouds.

Bryn Coed Preserve

Stoneleigh: a natural garden

A monarch butterfly perches on goldenrod in a tall meadow.

Willisbrook Preserve

A landscape of a creek running through a autumn forest.

Wawa Preserve

Rolling green hills with scattered trees sit under a blue sky with yellow wildflowers illuminated by sunlight in the foreground.

Stroud Preserve

A small brown bird perches on a thin branch in front of a blurred green background,

Stone Hills Preserve

Beams of sunlight pour through green woods around tall dark trees.

Saunders Woods Preserve

Looking upward in the forest at the leaves of yellow trees with a blue sky above.

Sadsbury Woods Preserve

A meadow of tall green grass and wildflowers under a blue summer sky.

Peacedale Preserve