Meng Preserve

101 acres

Meng Preserve is a steeply sloped, forested property with impressive outcrops of diabase rock and vernal pools. It is part of a larger landscape—the Stone Hill Greenway—notable for its vast, unbroken forest and the essential habitat it offers for wildlife, including several species of migratory songbirds whose numbers are in decline.

The property was once the home of Eva R. Meng, an avid preservationist, who gifted the land in her will to Valley Forge Audubon Society in 1994.

Eva and her sister, Edna, were avid preservationists. For many years, the property was used as “Camp Ivy” for Girl Scout Troop #3 of Schwenksville to engage in the natural world.

The preserve includes two miles of hiking trails, including trails named in honor of both Eva and Edna Meng.

In 2019, Valley Forge Audubon Society transferred ownership of Meng Preserve to Natural Lands.


The Preserve is located along Mine Hill Road, just a tenth-of-a-mile from the intersection of Mine Hill and Meng Roads, in Schwenksville, Montgomery County, PA.

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