Natural Lands is a community of dedicated volunteers, supporters, and professionals who are passionate about nature and committed to preserving and sharing it.


Leadership team

David A. D’Antonio

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ann C. Hausmann

Vice President of Development

Kelly Herrenkohl

Vice President of Communications and Engagement

Todd Sampsell

Vice President of Conservation Services

Tiffany Sowers

Vice President - Human Resources

H. Scott Wendle

Vice President of Preserve Stewardship

Board of Trustees

  • Barbara B. Aronson

  • Lloyd H. Brown

  • Rayenne A. Chen

  • Henry E. Crouter (Emeritus Trustee)

  • Jason Duckworth

  • Regina A. Hairston

  • Gail Harrity

  • Peter O. Hausmann


  • Jeffrey Idler

  • Ann T. Loftus, Esq.

  • Susan P. Mucciarone

  • Stephan K. Pahides

  • Jane G. Pepper

    Vice Chairperson

  • Robert K. Stetson

  • Douglas W. Tallamy, Ph.D.

  • John A. Terrill, II (Emeritus Trustee)

  • Andrew I. VandenBrul

  • William G. Warden, IV (Emeritus Trustee)

  • David W. Weaver

  • William Y. Webb

  • Theodore V. Wood, Jr. (Emeritus Trustee)

President's Council

  • Franny and Franny Abbott

  • Beth and Scott Albright

  • Jim Averill

  • Timothy B. Barnard and Meredyth D. Patterson

  • Joanna Jane Bartholomew

  • Romona Riscoe Benson

  • Bob Berry and Laura Snead

  • Paul S. Black

  • Clarke and Barbara Blynn

  • Maggie Brokaw

  • Eleanor Davis

  • Phoebe A. Driscoll

  • Charlotte Friedman

  • Lin and Ralph Hall

  • Kate Harper

  • Kathy Hodgkiss

  • David N. Hunter, Sr., AICP

  • Steven and Ann Hutton

  • Leah Kramkowski and Jason Morganroth

  • C. Scott Kulicke

  • Frank and Anita Leto

  • Joyce I. Levy and Phyllis A. Rosenberg

  • Meg Maffitt

  • Victoria B. Mars

  • Christy Martin

  • Amy McKenna

  • Hugh G. Moulton

  • J. Kenneth Nimblett

  • Fred Redekop

  • James L. Rosenthal

  • Missy Shaffer

  • Steve Shreiner

  • Julia H. M. Solmssen

  • Jonathan Sprogell and Kathryn Taylor

  • Robin and John Spurlino

  • Karen Thompson

  • Jim B. Ward

  • Lee and Bill Warden

  • Penelope P. Watkins

  • Ardythe Williams

  • Susan P. Wilmerding

  • Debra Wolf Goldstein

  • Theodore V. Wood, Jr.

  • Minturn T. Wright, III

  • Sherley Young

  • Eliza and Peter Zimmerman

NextGen Council

  • Tyler Bozzuto

  • Amanda Chan

  • Bailey Farrell

  • Alicia Forero

  • Rick Garrity

  • Rachael Griffith

  • Anna Haslinsky

  • Riley Hennessy

  • Elissa Klinger

  • Leah Kramkowski

  • Hunter McCorkel

  • Joseph Monfort

  • Ranney Moran

  • Jason Morganroth

  • Alexandria Placido

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