before you visit

We love visitors! Here’s some more information that will make your visit enjoyable and help to minimize your impact on nature and other visitors.

Visitor Guidelines

Our preserves are open sunrise to sunset, year round. Occasionally, we may close certain trails or parking areas for maintenance, special events, or snow removal.

Small parking areas, informational kiosks with trail maps, and unpaved trails are provided at most preserves. Restrooms and drinking water are generally not available.

leashes required
Pets are permitted at most preserves but must be leashed at all times to keep people, other pets, and wildlife safe. No exceptions. Violators may be asked to leave the preserve. (Pets are not permitted at Stoneleigh: a natural garden.)

pick up poop
Dog waste is a health hazard for people, wildlife, and plants. Please bag your pet’s waste and take it with you. Please come prepared with your own waste bags.

foot traffic only
No motorized vehicles or mountain bikes, please. Such vehicles can be destructive to plants and wildlife and disrupt the quiet experience others come to enjoy.

stick to trails
Please stay on designated trails to protect fragile plants, prevent erosion or wildlife disturbance, and reduce the chance of tick-borne illnesses. Ticks and other biting insects may be prevalent depending on the season and weather; repellents are recommended.

take your trash
Please pick up all trash, even biodegradable materials like food scraps, which are unsightly and attract scavengers that can harm native wildlife.

no drones without prior, written permission

no professional photography without prior, written permission

Planning a group visit to a preserve or have a specific use request? Read our guidelines to determine if the use is permitted without special permission.

no picnicking or alcohol

We are not responsible for personal items left in vehicles. Please remember to take valuables and other items with you.