Field Notes

Image of boxed sampler of candy shaped like wild animal scat

Crow’s Nest: Scat sale starts now!

A house on a hill with a meadow growing around it

Crow’s Nest: Avoiding the lawn

Early morning sunshine lights the tops of trees in late fall

Crow’s Nest: The show isn’t over!

Woman standing on a giant boulder in a clearing in the woods

Crow’s Nest: Welcome Devon Funt!

A meadow with trees in the background in fall.

Crow’s Nest: Fall color still peak!

A group of volunteers stand in a forest.

Building a boardwalk

Forest trees in fall with a boulder at the base of a tree

Crow’s Nest: Fall color peak?

Red fall color in a grove of black gum trees

Crow’s Nest: Fall color preview

Volunteers posing after a successful project cutting vines

Crow’s Nest volunteer day recap

Close up of purple bottle gentian flowers

Crow’s Nest: Fall is for… flowers