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Sadsbury Woods Preserve

508 acres

Sadsbury Woods is part of the largest remaining, unfragmented woodlands in Chester County. The preserve is an important habitat for several species of birds—such as Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Ovenbird—that are dependent on its deep, sheltering forest for their survival.

Located at the headwaters of Buck Run, a major tributary to Brandywine Creek, the preserve also helps to keep the stream clean and clear.


443 Old Wilmington Road, Coatesville, PA

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Sadsbury Woods Preserve began in 1996 with Natural Lands’ acquisition of 177 acres of forested land situated squarely in the path of expanding development around Exton along the Route 30 corridor in western Chester County. Additional parcels acquired in succeeding years expanded the preserve to its present size. Natural Lands purchase and protection of the preserve was spurred by its ecological significance as part of the region’s largest remaining, unbroken forest.

These “interior woodlands” (defined as an area at least 300 feet from any edge, such as road, lawn, or meadow) provide critical habitat for many species of birds, especially neo-tropical migrant songbirds. These colorful and melodious birds winter in South America and breed during the spring and summer in North America. To survive here, they need abundant food and protection from the weather and predators. The forests of Sadsbury Woods fill these needs quite well.

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