A small brown bird perches on a thin branch in front of a blurred green background,

Stone Hills Preserve

13 acres

Stone Hills Preserve is part of one of the largest contiguous woodlands in Montgomery County. Known as the Unami Forest, it is a vast, interconnected mosaic of mature forests, rocky outcrops, and more than 24 miles of streams. The high ecological value inherent in this landscape results from an extraordinary combination of overall size, unique forest and meadow plant communities, interior forest nesting bird species, and high quality streams. To date, Natural Lands has helped to preserve more than 2,000 acres of the Unami Forest.

In the spring, Stone Hills is filled with ephemeral wildflowers including Virginia bluebell, yellow trout-lily, and spring beauty. But no matter what time of year, the forest trails are a treat for visitors seeking a quiet patch of nature.


4/10 mile west of Neiffer Road on Laver Road


The property that comprises Stone Hills Preserve was once the home of Frank Hartmaier. Frank was raised there and later lived there with his wife, Elizabeth, and their daughter. Frank and Elizabeth shared a deep love for the land and its beauty. Shortly after Elizabeth’s death in 1989, Frank donated the land to Natural Lands in her honor.

Small green fiddleheads of a fern, the plant's curled up fronds, are illuminated by bright light in the forest.

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