Crow's Nest Preserve

Two yellow chairs next to a green meadow.

Crow’s Nest: More projects completed

People work on a wooden boardwalk on a trail.

Crow’s Nest: Eagle Scout Project complete

A meadow in front of a forest.

Crow’s Nest: More Creek Trail Improvements

A group of people set up a wooden structure in a natural setting.

Crow’s Nest: Creek Trail improvements

A green meadow in front of a forest.

A visit to Burden Hill

A trail lit with lights at night.

Crow’s Nest: Night lighting

A misty forest with a road through it where trucks are parked surrounded by orange cones.

Crow’s Nest: Hazard Tree Work

A wood chipper in front of a green meadow.

Crow’s Nest: The Office

A group of children standing on a small wooden bridge.

Crow’s Nest Camp Week Five

A child looks at blooming purple wildflowers.

Crow’s Nest Camp Week Four