Crow's Nest Preserve

Outside view of historic barn at Crow's Nest Preserve showing masonry wall and wood shingle roof.

Crow’s Nest: The Unfamiliar Familiar

A meadow being burned to promote native species.

Crow’s Nest: Prescribed Fire 2024

Crow’s Nest: Movie Night!

A person holding a wood frog in their hands.

Crow’s Nest: Just like that, Spring!

A barn owl that can't be released to the wild being shown to an audience

Crow’s Nest: I Heart Owls

Winter view of a stream meandering through snow toward an arched footbridge and forest

Crow’s Nest: Showy snow

A field and woods overrun with invasive vines

Virtual talk on Invasives – tonight!

Volunteers posing by the woods they have been clearing of invasive plants

Crow’s Nest: January volunteer day

A person using a rotating power brush to clear snow

Crow’s Nest: Snow Day