West Vincent Sustainability Fair

October 19, 2019

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

While today was a big day for Natural Lands at the Cheslen Chase for Open Space, we also had a presence at the West Vincent Sustainability Fair, talking with neighbors and visitors about the open space we protect and how they can take advantage of access to our lands.

Our booth was supported by three Force of Nature volunteers: Davida Waters, Lindsay Wallace, and Ryan Byrne, pictured above. We had a good time talking with people and handing out trail maps to the local preserves: Binky Lee, Bryn Coed, and Crow’s Nest. And it was also fun to see what other environmental groups are doing, from green burials to beekeeping, solar panels and recycling and biosolid digesters that generate methane for fuel. Outside there were goats for managing vegetation and a lineup of electric cars (and I should add, really good food).

We’re grateful for our supporters and enjoy meeting you at events like this! And it’s always fun to introduce new people to our preserves.