Nature’s Best Friend

Natural Lands Trust preserves are home to scores of wild plants and animals, and a source of peace and beauty for all who visit them. We welcome you and your pet, but ask that you follow some simple guidelines to protect wildlife and ensure the safety and comfort of all preserve visitors.

Leash Your Dog at All Times

Keeping your dog on a leash keeps people, other pets, and wildlife safe. Here are some important reasons to leash your dog:

  • Safety
    Ticks are abundant in meadows and woods throughout the region. If your dog wanders off the trail, he could be exposed to Lyme disease. No matter how well-behaved your pet, excitement can get the better of him.
  • People
    Even though she’s wonderful, other visitors may not want to get to know your dog. The preserve is here for everyone to enjoy. Some visitors may not feel welcome if they are concerned about being approached by an off-leash dog.
  • Natural Resources
    Though it may seem harmless to let your dog run free and play in the woods, fields, and wetlands, try looking at it from a Bluebird’s point of view. An unleashed dog can disturb feeding, mating, nesting, and rearing young—not just for Bluebirds but for many other wildlife species as well.

Pick Up Poop

Not only does dog poop smell and look unsightly along the trail, it is a health hazard. It also increases the nitrogen in the soil making it harder for native plants to survive. Please pack a pick-up bag, clean up after your dog, and take the bagged waste with you.

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Helpful Tips

  • During hot summer months, walk your dog in the morning or late afternoon
  • After your walk, check both you and your dog for ticks


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