A person holds a camera up in a field of tall brown grass.

photography policy

Amateur photographers are welcome to take photos. Professionals wishing to use our landscapes must join our featured photography program.

Looking for a photographer to take pictures at your favorite Natural Lands location? Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of our featured photographers.

for fun

Amateur photographers are welcome and encouraged to take photos or videos. (Tag them with #NatLands when posting to social media!) Here are some guidelines and restrictions.

  • Photography must not interfere with the enjoyment of other visitors or create any safety concerns.
  • Lights, dollies, or other equipment is not permitted. Vehicles are not permitted beyond the designated preserve parking area/s.
  • No drones without prior, written permission and FAA Part 107 remote pilot certification.
  • Photographers and subjects must remain on the marked hiking trails. Tree climbing is prohibited.
  • During your visit you may be filmed, videotaped, and/or photographed by a Natural Lands employee, volunteer, or contract photographer. Your entry to the preserve serves as your permission for the use of your image by Natural Lands and its constituents.
  • We invite and encourage you to send us digital copies of your photographs for use in our publications and online! Upload your favorite shots here.

for the pros

Within our expansive nature preserves, photographers have access to fields of wildflowers, shady forests, sparkling streams, picturesque farmland, and scenic outlooks. Miles of maintained trails wind through a variety of landscapes, providing accessible, beautiful, and natural backdrops for your photo shoot 

The Featured Photographer Program offers professional photographers permission to shoot at our 20 publicly accessible properties. This includes 19 nature preserves—stretching from the Pocono Mountains to the New Jersey bayshore—with landscapes ranging from forests and wildflower meadows, to farm fields and sandy beaches. In addition, you’ll have access to Stoneleigh: a natural garden for an unlimited number of photo shoots. This spectacular botanical garden boasts historical buildings, picturesque, gnarled trees, and garden “follies.”  

Professionals wishing to use Natural Land preserves for paid photo shoots or who sell their work must pay a $1,000 annual usage fee in order to do so. Benefits of this include: 

  • A photography permit for Natural Lands’ nature preserves. 
  • A photography permit for Stoneleigh: a natural garden 
  • Listing on our website as a Featured Photographer. Individuals who contact us interested in hiring professional photographers will be referred to this listing. 
  • Annual listing on social media.
  • Membership to Natural Lands. 

Photographers who wish to pay by shoot at Stoneleigh may do so at a day rate of $100 paid at entry to the garden.  Questions? Contact our Media Relations Department.

Click here to learn more and sign up online now!

ready for your close up?

Want to use one of our properties as the backdrop for your family portrait, engagement photos, or other special capture-it moment? Professional photography is by permit only on our preserves. 

See below for a listing of our featured photographers. These photographers have chosen to support conservation with a yearlong membership to our featured photography program. Support a business that gives back!