Portrait of Ann C. Hausmann

Ann C. Hausmann

Vice President of Development


Ann, who has been in her position for more than 20 years, oversees the department whose primary responsibility is to connect individuals, foundations, corporations, and public agencies that care about nature to Natural Lands. “It’s an inspiring charge! Day in and day out, I get the chance to engage with people whose shared commitment and heart have a huge impact on our mission.”

Ann’s favorite place to be outside is a trail, any trail. “No matter the time of day or season, and whether alone or with a group, following a rough path through woods, meadows, and stream valleys—surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature—boosts my spirits.”

Ann earned her B.A in English Literature from Hamilton College and a Masters in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ask Ann about: the day she almost gave birth to her second son at the office. (Better yet, ask her former office mates!)