Oliver Bass

Oliver P. Bass



Oliver Bass has dedicated much of his career to conservation.

Over 21 years at Natural Lands he led the organization’s communications efforts and grew its mission commitment to connecting people to nature, greatly expanding participation in public programs and volunteerism, elevating the organization’s public profile, and launching a new initiative to improve equitable access to green spaces in underserved communities of our region’s suburbs. As a result, visitation to preserves has grown by 220% to 125,000 people a year; more than 100 programs each year are attracting 5,000 participants; the Force of Nature® program has graduated 200 volunteers; and overall volunteer participation has doubled to more than 5,000 hours annually.

Bass, who grew up in rural east Texas, graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Early in his career, he held fundraising positions with West Virginia Public Radio and WXPN-FM public radio in Philadelphia. He spent five years working in the performing arts community in Philadelphia prior to coming to Natural Lands.

“Growing up, I spent much of my youth outdoors,” said Bass. “The east Texas forests of yellow pine were my backyard and the large wooded lot next to our house was my playground. My friends and I had the freedom to explore the nearby creeks, climb trees, build forts, and get dirty. Nature became a place of play, discovery, and joy. Natural Lands has afforded me the opportunity to invest my career in providing places where others can have the same chance to enjoy and learn from nature.”

Oliver is a member of the Land Trust Alliance’s National Land Trust Leadership Council, vice president of the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association’s Board of Directors, and serves on the executive committee of the PA Growing Greener Coalition.

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