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Close up of fallen autumn tree leaves with drops of water from fog or rain, top view. Wet oak leaves lying on ground. Dew. Late fall background.

when water meets land.

three small birds with brownish gray backs and rosy breasts stand in the sand along the beach looking for food

Red Knot’s future is not rosy.

Tree of heaven against blue sky - Latin name - Ailanthus altissima

a match made in heaven.

landscape design drawing for Ash Park

fresh start for Ash Park

Tall cucumber magnolia tree with broad branches and green leaves

Stoneleigh’s stately trees.

A black and white chickadee eats seeds from a green bird feeder

Mysterious Songbird Deaths Investigated

Misty photo of a farm with grassy meadow, bluebird box, a few trees, and farm buildings

Gaining Ground in East Coventry Township

Example of NearMap imagery witin the UpStream Tech Lens product

eagle’s-eye view.