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April 30, 2021

Thanks to the students at Henderson High School in West Chester who raised over 500 dollars to plant trees at Stroud Preserve! Thanks to the students and the teachers who guided this effort, the preserve now has 105 new trees planted by the students and teachers who coordinated this volunteer effort. Students raised the money with a clever adopt a tree campaign, asking donors to sponsor a tree for five dollars each.

Photo: Mae Axelrod

Want to take a peek at one of the new plantings? If you are facing the trail leading into the preserve from the parking lot, take a glance to your left and you’ll see the brand new tree tubes each with a sapling growing inside. How amazing that these kids will be able to return in the decades to come and watch their forest grow. Who knows, maybe someday their grand kids will play in the grand old forest of Stroud Preserve knowing that each one of the towering trees was once a tiny sapling, each of them planted with a five-dollar donation.