Delaware County Yard Tree Giveaway

April 29, 2021

Photo: Joanne CoscoSaturday, April 24th was a great day for trees in Delaware County!

Fifty free yard trees were given to residents of southern DelCo at Catania Park during the Delaware County Yard Tree Giveaway. Residents signed up online to reserve a tree (or two) before coming to the park on Saturday for pickup. Reservations for trees went quickly as people chose from nine different native species including Allegheny Serviceberry, Gray Dogwood, White Fringetree, Eastern Redbud, and Witchhazel.

Native trees provide food and shelter for wildlife, reduce erosion, filter rainwater, and clean the air we breathe. Trees also shade homes, save energy, and create memorable landmarks for family and friends. Along with the tree, residents also received a tree-species brochure, bag of mulch, and planting instructions to help them nurture nature as their new tree grows.

This Delaware County Yard Tree Giveaway was sponsored by Delaware County Conservation District, Friends of Heinz Refuge, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, and Natural Lands, with generous support from the Arbor Day Foundation.