Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

200 acres

Mariton is perched on the steep slopes of Bougher Hill overlooking the scenic Delaware River. A highlight of the preserve’s trail system is the River Lookout Trail, with an overlook of both the Delaware Canal and the Delaware River 300 feet below.

Mariton’s Nature Center includes a library, meeting space, and ADA restrooms, and is open by prior arrangement.


240 Sunnyside Road, 1/2 mile northeast of Spring Hill Road


Mariton was assembled over many years by Mary and Tony Guerrero, who wanted to protect the land and the wildlife living there from development. They also wanted the property to serve as an environmental education center for local schools, colleges, and the greater community. In 1969, they established Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary and Wilderness Trust; the name Mariton was a combination of their first names.

In 1992, the Trust entered into a long-term agreement for Natural Lands to manage the property. Today, Mariton is still serves as an educational resource, honoring the Guerroro family’s legacy.

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