Mariton: Hidden Camera

December 4, 2015

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager


I recently took a deer carcass to a remote area of the preserve and set up the game camera to capture which animals exploit the windfall of protein, fat and calcium.  I can’t take credit for the photography.  The camera has a motion activated trigger.  (On windy days there are a lot of empty frames.)  Here are the best raccoon photos.



It is tough to get a good photo of a Red Fox. They always come out a little blurred.  (Most of the photos of foxes are just a blur with a “tell tail“.   They are always in motion, but I also believe they really do sense the camera’s presence. These are probably the best photos I have from dozens of blurry shots.


This Red-tailed Hawk doesn’t seem to mind the company of Turkey Vultures.



I plan to keep the camera at this location for a few weeks to watch the composition of species, as well as the decomposition of the carcass.  I will be interested if in time it attracts a coyote (they’re uncommon at Mariton) or perhaps a Bald Eagle.  I am not sure if the motion detector is sensitive enough to pick up Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and other small songbirds.  I’ve watched them feed on carcasses in the past, so I know they will feed here.  It will also be interesting to see which animals chew the bones for the marrow and calcium.