Crow’s Nest: New kiosk!

December 5, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager

We’re a little late to the party (last of the preserves to build a new information kiosk) but our new one is finished and installed! We waited until our old one was rotting at the base. First, a photo of the old one when it was installed in 2002:


Thirteen years of service was pretty good for this design and materials. We’re hoping the new one will last even longer. We removed this on Thursday and installed the new one yesterday. By the way, the bulletin board cabinet will be repainted and reappear… at Green Hills Preserve.

First step: dig holes. Deep ones. Here Brittany is testing the depth.

Then, placing the new one in the hole. We found another use for the truck’s recovery strap and shackle (not pictured, but the one that pulled cars out of the snow last winter). The strap safely hoisted the panel with the front-end loader. Next it’s a matter of setting it plumb.


Two panels finished, one to go. We did some photo documentation of the process to remind us when it comes time to replace these in future decades that yes, there is concrete at those bases.


The finished kiosk! The new one is bigger, more durable, and more readable. A greatly expanded brochure box at the bottom has room for trail maps, Hopewell Big Woods regional maps, membership information, as well as information of seasonal and natural interest. We think that it will contribute to visitors having a good experience here.


Like most projects this one involved lots of cooperation. Many thanks to Holly Harper and Tarra Campbell for graphic design and layout, Kirsten Werner Leonard for wordsmithing, Steve Holmburg for yanking out the old posts (remember what I said about concrete?), and Aubrey Smith and Brittany Grabois for installation. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, hope you are too!