Mariton: “It was a dark and foggy night…”

December 3, 2015

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Screech Owl and Holly

Last night after dinner, Maureen walked over to visit with the neighbor. She “sensed” something was out of place as she walked home.  She panned her flashlight in the holly tree beside the driveway, and saw this looking back at her.  This is a red phase Eastern Screech Owl.  Maureen watched it for awhile and it seemed unperturbed.  (It probably believed we couldn’t see it.  Without flashlights it blended right in to the background.)

Eastern Screech Owl

She came into the house and told me about it. She stressed that she thought the owl was still there. So, I grabbed another flashlight and we walked out together. The owl was perched in the same place. I commented that I should have grabbed the camera. Maureen said to get it, as she didn’t think the owl was going anywhere.  So, I walked back to the house for the camera. When I returned it was still there. I was able to take a few photos before it tired of the flashes and flew away. The mist confused the auto-focus, but the photos are fairly sharp.  (We were only 10 feet away from it.)