Mariton: April 2014 Rainfall

May 2, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

April’s precipitation was near average before the deluge over the last two days.  We received 4.44 inches in the most recent storm.  That 48 hour tally equals the average rainfall for the entire month of April.

The total rainfall for April was 8.39 inches.  The wettest April that I have on record was in 2007, when I received 8.48 inches.  (April 2001 was the driest with only 2.09”).    How do we stand at the end of the first third of the year?  We have received a total of 21.37 inches of precipitation.  The average for the same period is 15.12”, so we are 6 inches above average.  Remember that precipitation usually balances out in any 12 month period.  Meaning the there could be some below average months in the future.