Mariton: 2019 Precipitation Review

January 3, 2020

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

It is interesting looking back at my precipitation records for 2019.  Overall the year was wet.  We ended the year  with 59.47 inches of precipitation.  The average for a year (and it is getting wetter over time) is 53.07 inches.

September and November were the only months drastically below average this year.  The rest of the year was very close to average, or a bit above.  In particular, May (9.65””), June (7.09”), and October (7.68”) were quite a bit above average.  We ended the year 6.40 inches above Mariton’s average, which is like getting an extra month of precipitation, and then some more.  (This is based on 23 years of data.)