Crow’s Nest: A new year, a new look

January 1, 2020

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

This isn’t a major change, but we’ve added several new directional signs along our trails to provide visitors with a little more information than the arrows alone. I’ve long admired the directional signage at our Stroud Preserve and thought something like that would work well here. So I approached Holly Harper, our Senior Art Director, to see if we inexpensively could do something similar here. We could.

These wayfinding signs help you get to places like the Chief’s Grove or the Deep Woods, and as importantly,  back to the Visitor Center and parking area again. Don’t forget also that we also have an app that can be used for navigating our preserves.

This seems like a good time to recognize and thank the people who work behind the scenes to develop the trail maps, app content, wordsmithing and signage for our preserves (as well as support for our Conservation Easement Program and municipal consulting services). Staff include the aforementioned Holly Harper, GIS Program Director Megan Boatright, GIS Analyst Carissa Schnabel, Graphic Designer Brittni Allbright, and Senior Director of Communications Kirsten Werner. For our most recent trail map update we can also thank consultant Jessica Lee.

This effort is part of a process of continuous improvement on the preserve. We hope that these signs improve your experience visiting Crow’s Nest Preserve!