Crow’s Nest Winter Nature Clubs: Ready to Go, With or Without Snow!

January 21, 2013

Kids’ programs start this week, and maybe we’ll also have some snow for them. We’ll make use of snow if we have it, otherwise there’s a whole preserve to explore in winter: the cattail swamp, the wire bridge over Pine Creek, visit the goats, climb on rocks and fallen trees, see the old beaver swamp, hike to parts of the preserve that are not accessible during summer’s growth.

Grades 2 -3 meet on Wednesday afternoons for WebWanderers. Webwalkers kids have two choices: ages 8 – 11 homeschooled on Thursday mornings or grades 4 -6 in the afternoons. And on Friday afternoons we hold WebWigglers for grades k – 1.

Registration is nearly full. Call Molly at 610-286-7955 for more information.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on January 21, 2013.