Mariton: Squeeze Trail Opened

January 18, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

The Squeeze Trail is now re-opened, but the Turnpike Trail remains closed.  Visitors can check out the extent of the storm damage from the Squeeze Trail, but will have to turn around when they reach the Turnpike Trail and retrace their steps.

Even though the Squeeze is a dead end trail (for the time being), it is an interesting walk.  The Turnpike and Squeeze trails are in the middle of our largest blow down from Hurricane Sandy.  Before opening this trail, it was impossible to get a sense of how much of the forest has been affected by the storm.

(photo by Kevin Mault)

Kevin and I still look on the scene in wonder.  We spent several days cutting trees to open the Squeeze Trail.  (In the photo above,  I’m standing on the Squeeze Trail while cutting a tangle of trees.)  It would be easy to become blasé to the situation, but it still astounds us.  At one time the word awful meant to be filled with awe.  It now has a more negative connotation.  If you walk down the Squeeze Trail and contemplate everything that you are seeing:  the wind, the noise, the force; I think you too will be filled with awe.

(A section of the Squeeze before clearing.)

I hadn’t planned to open this trail to visitors, until we could open a section of the Turnpike Trail to provide a loop.  (That is still a couple weeks away.)  When we finally cut through the downed trees, and reached the Turnpike Trail, I realized the value of letting people check out this interesting scene.

(The same section after clearing.)