Mariton: Turnpike Trail Open

January 23, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Kevin and I opened the Turnpike Trail between the parking lot and Squeeze Trail this week.  This was a big land mark for the two of us.  We have been slowly pushing through the blowdowns on the Squeeze and Turnpike trails since before Christmas.  It wasn’t constant; we had to attend to other jobs during that period, but we worked on these sections whenever we had a chance.

The photo below is from the Squeeze Trail looking down the Turnpike as we got started.

Below, while working on one of the nasty tangles of several large trees.  (Photo by Kevin Mault).

After we opened up the trail

We won’t be doing the Turnpike Trail from the Squeeze up to the meadows for the time being.  I need to start easeement monitoring.  The final section is worse than anything we have done so far.  This is a photo looking uphill from the Squeeze Trail.  For reference, you can find the stone wall on the right side of the photo that runs alongside the Turnpike Trail.

This is a photo taken from the top of the trail looking down.  (Stone wall on the left side of the trail.