Crow’s Nest: Spring Scenes

April 30, 2014

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


A Canadian goose sails off the roof of the barn toward the pond at Crow’s Nest. We don’t often have geese nesting at our pond; we allow natural vegetation to grow up around it and that limits their use of it since they can’t easily see predators coming.


This has been a spectacular year for serviceberry (Amelanchier) this spring. I like the informal sprays of white flowers (and dislike the formal pyramids of fake-looking trees with white flowers—callery pears, which are also invasive).


With the last 24 hours of heavy rain the creek is now as high as I’ve ever seen it, with a few area roads impassible. Luckily the wetlands at Crow’s Nest are able to accommodate the floodwaters as the creek’s waters rise into them.