Mariton: Tuesday Bird Walks

April 29, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus

Mariton’s Tuesday Bird Walks started this morning.  It was chilly, windy and damp, but it didn’t rain.  It is early to get many migrants even during a normal spring, but this spring things are just a little behind.  Still I like to start the walks in April.  It helps dust off our ears and eyes and gets us back into shape for finding those small warblers in the tree tops.  Even though conditions weren’t ideal we had a pretty good morning.

MEBUS WoodThrushMaritonBirdWalk0429-2

We saw this Wood Thrush (photo above) that stood for several minutes on a rock alongside the trail.  Carole suggested that it might have flown all night and was too exhausted to react to our gawking.  That makes sense, because they usually don’t sit still for that long.  It didn’t sing, but soon our woods will be filled with their wonderful singing.

MEBUS EasternBluebirdMaleOnBatBoxMaritonBirdWalk0429

Bluebirds, another member of the Thrush family, were easy to see in the fields.  They seemed to be paired and perching where we could easily watch them.

MEBUS PalmWarblerTowpathKintnersville20120329

We saw a Palm Warbler in the fields also.  It didn’t give us a great look, (this photo is from Carole’s archives) but it was easy to identify by its bobbing tail, and chestnut head.  It even sang for us while we watched it.

A first year Bald Eagle flew over us as we walked down the Turnpike Trail.  We also saw Black Vultures, Turkey Vultures, and a Cooper’s Hawk.

Next week, we will be birding at Giving Pond, part of the Delaware Canal State Park.  By then, the birds should really be arriving, and we should have an exciting morning.