Crow’s Nest: More projects completed

September 10, 2019

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Here’s the reading nook by the Tiny Library at Crow’s Nest. Visitors are starting to discover these chairs along the trails at the “flat field.” You can guess where it gets that name—it’s the only one in this hilly country.

The Tiny Library now has its Natural Lands logo on the side, and visitors are starting to browse and borrow the books, and even bring some of their own. You may borrow books from our “Little Free Library” and return them here or to any other Little Free Library.

Getting to the Tiny Library has gotten easier too, thanks to the new footbridge which is Dalton Meadows’ Eagle Scout Project (yesterday’s blog post) and other improvements to the Creek Trail. The photo above is one of the two former uncrossable morasses of the Creek Trail. Now stabilized with straw and lined down the center with (more) gravel, it is now an easy walk. (The ton of gravel was spread by brothers and volunteers Leo and Milo Salvucci.) While I appreciate the fortitude of those who walked here before, it was never our intent to make the trail difficult; I think you’ll like this better.