Crow’s Nest: Just like that, Spring!

March 5, 2024

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

A person holding a wood frog in their hands.

Photo: Daniel Barringer

Just a couple weeks ago we were under snow. Subtly but surely we’ve turned the page into spring. We may yet have more winter weather but all the signs of inevitable change are occurring. There was no single spectacular night of spring amphibian migration, but obviously there were some that were good enough: wood frogs are now squabbling in the wetlands at Crow’s Nest and they’re always the first to start calling during mating season. Spring peepers are also already singing, so it sure feels like spring now.

Add to that the list of plants blooming: in addition to skunk cabbage that has been blooming a while, alder catkins are extended for wind pollination and silver maple trees are blooming—the latter a critical source of nectar for early season pollinator insects. More will come soon!

Of course it is also mud season here, so bear with us during this time of year when our trails are at their seasonal worst. With the ground neither frozen nor dry, you will be comfortable if you wear waterproof footwear (and have a change of shoes for your return from the trails). See you out there!