Crow’s Nest: Dog watering station goes live!

September 5, 2022

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

A dog sits behind a water bowl in the grass

Photo: Daniel Barringer

We have added a dog water bowl and a drinking-water safe hose outside the visitor center at Crow’s Nest. It’s just outside the accessible public restroom at the corner of the building. Just turn the green spigot handle, grab the white hose, and fill the bowl. After use please rinse the bowl and leave it empty; then make sure to turn off the spigot. We’ll clean it with food-grade sanitizer. The bowl will be there spring through fall (so it doesn’t freeze and crack). Sunny (above) approves!

We welcome your pets as long as they are leashed to protect wildlife and to respect our other visitors—and thank you for picking up after them.