seriously cute babies.

September 1, 2022
Six sleepy baby Eastern gray squirrels lounge in a pile in a nest box.

Eastern gray squirrels, photo: Steve Eisenhauer

Two tiny fox babies play with each other in a woodlands.

Red foxes, photo: Carol Dailey

A clutch of baby bluebirds just hatched. One blue egg hasn't hatched yet.

Eastern Bluebirds, photo: Mike Maher

A juvenile box turtle on a leafy forest floor

Box turtle, photo: Emma Schad

A baby salamander stands on a wet slate next to a green leaf.

Salamander, photo: Preston Wilson

A female American Kestrel stares at the camera as a clutch of tiny, fluffy white baby chicks cluster under her inside a nest box.

American kestrels, photo: Steve Eisenhauer

Two juvenile Eastern Screech Owl babies stare up at the camera in a nest box.

Eastern Screech Owls, photo: Steve Eisenhauer

Baby Barn Owls in a nest box.

Barn owls, photo: Steve Eisenhauer

A very young groundhog closeup in the green grass.

Groundhog, photo: Bill Moses

A young spotted fawn faces the camera in a green meadow.

White-tailed deer, photo: Bill Moses

A spotted fawn is curled up in tall green grass.

White-tailed deer, photo: Bill Moses

Black bear cubs climbing up a tall tree in a forest.

Black bear, photo: Lee Shull