Crow’s Nest Camp 2023 Week Four

August 7, 2023

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Kids climbing the roots of an upturned tree

Photo: Allie Cook

Our fourth week of camp was for 3rd and 4th graders and built upon the familiarity of the preserve many of the kids had gained in past years’ camps. There are new places on the preserve to discover and more ways to engage with the land. For some of the kids this was their first full-day camp at Crow’s Nest, following the half day camps we offer younger kids.

Camper splashing into a creek on a zip line swing

Photo: Allie Cook

As with other camp weeks we did small group hikes, played in the stream, and went on hayrides.

Campers posing on a hay wagon

Photo: Cody Hudgens

Campers putting together a project with screws at Crow's Nest Camp

Photo: Molly Smyrl

Kids also spent time building a community in the play area. Scaffolding provided a basis for homes the kids embellished with hammocks, swings, roofs, walls and doors, as well as tin-can telephones and decorations.

Camper posing with the words Nature Camp spelled out in pieces of rolled clay on a log in a creek

Photo: Molly Smyrl

As usual, there was plenty of free play time to enjoy.

Camper leaping into the creek

Photo: Molly Smyrl