barrens restoration. plugging away.

Aerial view of a plot of land with white outlines against a black map showing roadways

eagle’s-eye view.

a small brown and white bird perched on a log

bettering our bird abode.

Aerial photo of a circular copse of trees surrounded by a meadow

an approach of gratitude.

find yourself outside logo

finding nature. finding yourself.

Close up inside an owl nest box of a Barn Owl with it's white face, dark eyes, and mottled brown plumage

a species of special concern

a closeup of an orange jewelweed bloom and green foliage with droplets of water on the leaves

Renaming Native Wildflowers 

An aerial map delineating various agricultural techniques

better water through farming.

Three photos over time of an aerial view of a natural area where the pond was removed and the vegetation restored

(re)making a stream