building boardwalks. (not bored.)

September 28, 2020

Photo: Tim Lander

Volunteers jumped at the chance to help Natural Lands staff build a boardwalk at our ChesLen Preserve on September 24. They wielded hammers, drills, and cheerful dedication to install a 500-foot walkway along the often-muddy wetlands trail.

ChesLen Preserve Manager Sean Quinn and Assistant Manager David Castaneda are thrilled that the long-awaited project is completed. “It’s great to work alongside volunteers,” said Sean. “They are quick, efficient, and fun to talk with.”

Staff are especially pleased that this new boardwalk provides enhanced access to a unique and wildlife-filled area of the preserve. The human-made wetlands, constructed years ago as a mitigation project, host a variety of birds including Wood Ducks, Green Heron, and elusive Virginia Rails.

The boardwalk, part of the blue trail, is closest to the Stargazer’s Stone parking lot, located on the opposite side of the creek from the purple trail. Preserve trail maps will be updated soon.

Photo: Tim LanderThis project was made possible by a grant from REI, along with our Force of Nature® and community volunteers.

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