Wild Ones online meeting Thursday evening March 4

March 3, 2021

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Photo: Daniel Barringer

The local Pennsylvania Chapter of Wild Ones will be hosting a meeting on Zoom Thursday evening at 7 pm. Natural Lands’ own Samantha Nestory will be speaking about the relationships between insects and native plants. If you’ve read Doug Tallamy’s “Bringing Nature Home” you know that native plants support our native insect herbivores which are then consumed by nearly all other wildlife and therefore are essential to the food web upon which all life depends.

Ms. Nestory is a horticulturist at Stoneleigh: A Natural Garden and a dynamic and entertaining speaker. She holds a¬†Bachelor of Science in Ecology and a Master of Science in Entomology from the University of Delaware, and had the opportunity there to work in Doug Tallamy’s lab. (Coincidentally, Dr. Tallamy is on Natural Lands’ Board of Trustees.) Samantha was also an intern at Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania (as I was, though that was more than a few years ago).

If you’d like to join the meeting please contact wildonesofpa@gmail.com for the link. See you there!