membership faq

membership questions? we have answers

How long is my membership term?
Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date you make your donation (through the last day of the month joined). Example: If your donation is received January 6, then your membership expiration date is January 31 of the next year.

Are membership dues tax deductible?
Yes, Natural Lands membership contributions are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Will I be notified when my membership expires?
We send out membership renewal reminders to give our members an opportunity to renew or continue their support during that time. However, you may renew your membership any time throughout the year. Your membership’s expiration date can be found on your member card. If you lose your card or are unsure of when your membership expires, please feel free to contact us.

Can I automatically renew my membership each year?
Yes! A recurring membership gift renews your membership annually, monthly, or quarterly. Make a recurring gift now or contact us to become a recurring member or make a change to your recurring membership.

How does a donation to the President’s Fund differ from becoming a member?
A gift to the President’s Fund supports Natural Lands’ conservation mission but does not come with any additional benefits.

Can I donate to both?
Absolutely! A supporter can contribute to the annual President’s Fund and support our mission with membership. Donations can be made to the President’s Fund any time throughout the year—either online or by mail. By donating to both, you receive exclusive members-only benefits, while increasing your impact.

Who can receive my membership benefits?
Membership levels begin at $50 and cover up to two adults in each household—but elevated donations are greatly appreciated. Please make sure to list all names you would like covered under the membership in the comments section of the donation form.

Are children included on my membership?
Memberships for children are covered by our Kids Club membership. One Kids Club membership covers all children in the household and is a $20 add-on to any level of existing membership.

I’ve submitted my donation but forgot to include my partner’s name. How do I add them?
No problem! Please contact us to update your account.

Do member discounts extend to my family members?
Discounts to Natural Lands events or programs only apply to the individual(s) listed on the membership account. If you are purchasing multiple tickets to an event in a single transaction, please select non-member ticket options for those who are not named on the membership card.

Should I bring my membership card with me to an event?
Don’t leave home without your member card! Show your Natural Lands member card to receive discounts at local participating partner organizations and businesses.

I lost my Natural Lands member card, how do I request another?
Please contact us to request a replacement card.

How do I update my mailing address or contact information?
Please contact us to update your contact information.