Monarch butterfly on milkweed plant

plant a seed, make a difference.

Natural Lands’ NextGen Council invites you to create a mini meadow in any outdoor space. These native perennials come back year after year, providing food and shelter for pollinators like bees, moths, and butterflies.  

This mix of seeds is the same mix Natural Lands recently planted to create 44 acres of new meadow at ChesLen, Stroud, and Bryn Coed preserves. When you plant native plants like the ones in this packet, you get to enjoy the beauty, but more importantly, you’re feeding and sheltering pollinators—the insects that are the foundation for the entire food web. When you plant a seed, you really can make a differenceAnd if all of us add native plants to our surroundings, the impact is multiplied

Planting instructions:  

  • Sow seeds in full sun to part shade in the spring. Wait until Mother’s Day to give the soil a chance to warm up. 
  • Sprinkle evenly on bare soil in a pot, planter, or garden bed. 
  • Water on days it doesn’t rain. The goal is to keep the soil moist (not too dry, not too wet) until the plants sprout and during their first season.