Mariton: Wildlife Sightings

July 19, 2011

Even though the temperature has been soaring, I am still seeing some interesting wildlife.  Yesterday morning while checking the trails, I heard Wood Thrushes singing throughout the woods.  I heard Scarlet Tanagers and had a good view of one by the River Lookout.

In the afternoon, I was mowing a meadow.  A juvenile (still fuzzy) turkey  was foraging in the grass where I had just mowed.  A deer took advantage of the mowing to stand in the meadow and reach into the woods to browse tree leaves.  When I made a pass with the tractor, the deer would step back into the woods, then reappear after I had turned and headed away. 

The most interesting sighting was a red fox.  It walked into the field to look for voles and mice running away from the tractor into the mowed areas.  I think it eventually decided it was too hot to hunt in the sun.  It retreated to a shady area, and I watched it watching me for a couple passes.