Crow’s Nest (and beyond): so dry!

July 19, 2011

After a spring that was unbelievably wet we are in a summer that is incredibly dry. We’ll wait until Tim weighs in with Mariton’s rainfall figures on this blog, but here at Crow’s Nest we’ve had only a little in the last six weeks. I don’t remember a summer this dry since… last summer.

From the Harmonyville Road bridge we’ve watched for the first time a shallow part of French Creek emerge and become vegetated (above). When there is little rain the creek runs colder since it is then mainly spring-fed. The volume of flow is way down but the current seems just as swift.

Wildlife adapts (or doesn’t, sadly). I also think this drought causes major stress on trees, especially after they put on such lush growth this spring. Newly planted trees that are not in tree tubes that protect them from deer—and desiccation—have to be watered or we’ll lose them.