Mariton: Wildflowers Are Blooming

May 5, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus

MEBUS GroupOnWildflowerWalkMariton0503

I had been a little worried about what flowers would be around for the Wildflower Walk on Saturday.  We are a little behind on blossoms, but during the night on Friday, several things began blooming and sprouting, so we found lots of things.  It was a fun walk with a lot of enthusiasm for everything we discovered.

 MEBUS WildGingerMaritonMainTrail0503

One has to get down on the ground to view the Wild Ginger flowers that are usually hidden by foliage.  It is a very interesting flower.

 MEBUS WhiteTrilliumWoodsTrailMariton0503

This White Trillium was prime for our walk.

 MEBUS BlackThroatedGreenWarblerMaritonWildflowerWalkMainTrail-0503-2

I had warned participants that the flower walk, could easily digress into a bird walk and offered people our loaner binoculars.  They were appreciated.  We saw several warblers, (a few that we couldn’t identify).  This Black-throated Green Warbler posed out in the open and fairly low alongside the trail.