Mariton: White Blossoms

January 31, 2019

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Rhododendrons in June.

I was standing on the River Lookout Trail on Wednesday morning looking up the little hollow.  This is a good place to view Mariton’s native Rhododendrons (Rhododendron maximum) when they bloom in late June.  You are looking up a hillside covered with these small attractive trees adorned with patches of white.  The native trees have a white blossom with a green spots on the upper petal, but there is usually a pink hue around the edges.

January 30 on the River Lookout Trail.

Of course, this is the end of January.  Instead of white flowers, all of the Rhododendrons were wearing white mantles of snow.  It was very easy for me to see the similarities of both seasons.  It is nice to look forward to warmer times, but we shouldn’t forget to appreciate the beauties that Nature provides for us even during the chilliest days.