Mariton: Upper Bucks Birding

May 6, 2021

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

Photo by Carole Mebus

Mariton Birders on their weekly field trip.

The Mariton Birders had a great outing in Upper Bucks County.  As expected, we saw lots of Yellow Warblers and Warbling Vireos.

Photo by Carole Mebus.

The Warbling Vireo’s song is meandering and loud.

Photo by Carole Mebus.

The Prairie Warbler has a distinctive song that seems to make people smile when they hear it.

Photo by Carole Mebus.

Another great singer is the Common Yellowthroat.

We counted over 51 species of birds for the morning.  We saw both Baltimore Orioles and Orchard Orioles.  We saw Bald Eagles, Ospreys and a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  We got great looks at Pileated Woodpeckers. It was a great morning.