Mariton: Third Quarter Precipitation

October 3, 2017

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

We are still battling a rainfall deficit. If you recall at the end of June, Mariton had received very close to average precipitation for the first six months of the year.  July was slightly below average and August was slightly above average.  The weather pattern at the end of August continued into early September and we were getting rain regularly.  But by mid-September things dried up, and the month only added 2.34 inches of rain to the rain gauge.  The average for September is 5.68”.

For the third quarter, Mariton received 12.32”, the average for that period is 15.73”. The total precipitation for the year through September is 36.66 inches.  The average is 40.22 inches, so we are 3.56 inches below average.   There is a lot of precipitation (15.34”) to make up in the next 13 weeks, considering the average yearly precipitation is around 52 inches.  (Remember that we started the year dry because 2016 ended with an 11 inch deficit.)