Mariton: The Other Primary Color

November 6, 2018

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

This morning I put on my rubber boots and full rain gear to take a walk.

I suddenly realized how appropriate it was to be walking through and impenetrable fog in mud-proof clothing on election day.


No telling what happens in voting booths across the nation today, but tomorrow morning some people will be relieved. Some people will feel sorely disappointed.  Some will feel cautiously optimistic for the future.  What else can we do?

On a day when we seem forced to choose between blue and red, it is important to know that there is another primary color.  I assure you that the yellows of the sassafras, hickories, sweet birch and tuliptrees will listen to you.  A year from now, most of us will realize that the Blues and Reds in the capitals across the nation only listen to themselves.

Nature is the place that we can always find solace, understanding and healing.  What do you think?  We should probably invest more money and faith in Nature than politicians.