Mariton: Spring Break is Relative

March 18, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Two of my friends visited over the weekend to escape winter .  As you ponder their sanity, you have to put a few things in perspective.  My buddy Paul lives just south of Buffalo, NY. He had a long, snowy and cold winter.  Paul called Bruce, who lives north of Pittsburg, to plead:  “I need a break!”  Bruce had already been contemplating a lateral migration to visit the Martin Guitar museum and factory, so suggested they call me.  It was a great idea!

They arrived during last week’s big chill, but for Paul it was an improvement.  The guitar factory was a pretext, but since we share a love for guitars, canoes and the outdoors, it was a great excuse for them to get away.  To continue the guitar theme we visited local luthier, Bill Mitchell.  That was great inspiration to play guitar in front of the wood stove in the evenings.  (We usually play guitars around a campfire, so this was close.)

We spent a lot of time hiking the trails.  Most of the trails on the south side of the hill are clear now, and Paul and Bruce were happy to get out in the woods.  I lapsed into naturalist mode when they asked about trees and birds.

Delaware River in March

The lakes were still frozen, so we canoed on the Delaware River on Saturday morning .  The wind was gusting, the sun was hidden, but we were glad to be traveling on liquid water for a change.  (We wore dry suits and life vests, so we were comfy and prepared for any mishaps – none of which happened.)   The ducks were flighty and we only got long distance views of them.  But this was new water for Paul and Bruce, so they were taking in all the sights and sounds.

Delaware River 3.15.14

When we returned to Mariton, the sun finally appeared and we wore t-shirts as we sat on the patio.  Paul’s experience is a good reminder that while this spring is reluctant, it is close at hand.  Paul left Buffalo in a snow storm on Thursday, and returned on Sunday to snow showers with a smile on his face.