Mariton: Snow-dipped

March 10, 2018

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

A snow-dipped blackhaw arches over the trail.

Because Wednesday’s snow was so wet, it stuck to everything. I checked trails on Thursday morning for down limbs before the sun warmed up and loosened the snow’s grip on branches.  The sun coming through snow-dipped trees and shrubs was spectacular as I walked down the Squeeze Trail.  But then I turned around to see the sun shining on the trees behind me.

It is good to turn around occasionally to see the view from a different perspective.

These scenes are so overwhelming, that we don’t often take time to focus in on just one branch.  It is really amazing the forms that snow takes as it collects on branches.

Snow as an art form.

By the time I returned to the Nature Center, snow was plopping to the ground, and branches were springing back.