Mariton: Precipitation So Far

June 9, 2020

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

It seems like it has rained off and on since the beginning of the year.  Most people comment how wet it has been.  We have had a lot of days with precipitation, but that precipitation was usually very small.  A lot of long drizzly days which yielded very little precipitation in the rain gauge.  For instance, March had 19 days with measurable precipitation, but you can see from the chart that it ended up over a half inch below average.  April did ease about a half inch above average, and it had 16 days of precipitation.  May was particularly dry, even with 12 days of precipitation.

At the end of May, Mariton is over 3.5 inches below average.  Technically, that isn’t much at this point of the year.  Ground water supplies seem good as we ended 2019 with a 6 inch surplus.  Tropical weather systems are getting active and could quickly erase this year’s deficit.  In fact, one good thunderstorm over Mariton could cut the deficit.  (But I hope we don’t get 3.5 inches all at once.)