Mariton: October Rainfall

November 2, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Mariton received 1.62 inches of rain during October.  That is about 3 inches below average for the month.  It was a dry October.  We never received more than half an inch in a 24 hour period, and only recorded rain on 9 days during the month.

To put things in perspective, it isn’t the driest October that I have on record.  In 2001, we received 0.28 inches of rain.  We were doing the renovation of the Nature Center that year, and having a dry October really helped with our building schedule.  In 2000, we received 1.21 inches of rain, for another dry October.  So far, we have already received more rain than we did for the entire year of 2000, or 2001.  My records show the wettest October was 2002 with 8.21 inches.

Based on a 15 year average, we have slipped into a deficit of about a half inch for the year.  That isn’t that much, although it is getting dry.  If we can get 3 inches for November and December, we will be ending up near average.